Solutions For Small Spaces

I’ll bet you have a huge arts and crafts room, right? Doubtful. I work with very few clients who have an oversized craft room–most of us use an extra 10×11 square foot bedroom. I’ve even had clients who sew in a small corner of their walk-in closet or laundry room. Now that takes creativity!

But what can you do to maximize your space if you have a small room? First, purge your stash. Second, re-evaluate your set-up. If you have a full-sized cutting table, don’t keep both sides up and open at all times. This just becomes a clutter magnet. Instead, consider keeping one side down and one side up, or keep it folded down completely when not in use. Better yet, get rid of it. Skeptical? Read on . . .

In one of my client’s small sewing room, I needed the flexibility to combine tasks into one area. The key is to go vertical! I bought a BIG Board (available on-line or special order through your local quilt store) and measured the space inside the raised edging underneath (BIG Boards are designed to fit snugly over a standard-sized ironing board and have little batting to ensure that they’re firm enough to cut on and yet soft enough to press). I then went to an office supply store and measured the top of the tall plastic towers (the kind with clear pull-out drawers), ensuring that the raised edging of the BIG Board would fit over the tower. I bought two of the towers (you may need to order them to get the correct height). My client also had several bolts of fabric which took up too much floor space. I took the towers and pushed them close enough together so that the edges of the fabric bolts would fit on top of the plastic drawer’s black edge runners. So, with this small space solution I was able to take a window area and combine the following tasks: 1) cutting table, 2) ironing board, 3) storage area for bolts of fabric, and 4) drawer storage . . . all into a 20×60-inch floor space!

Skepticism has no chance against a can-do attitude.