3 Ways to Use the Space Under Your Bed

There are those who believe that you shouldn’t store things in the space under your bed. I’m not one of them. Whether you live in an apartment without storage or a home that’s short on closet space, your storage can be maximized by using the square footage under your bed. Even if you have the luxury of not needing to use the extra space, under the bed is still prime real estate, in my opinion. Depending on the size of the bed, we’re talking somewhere between 20 and 40 square feet of storage space. That’s substantial!

The idea isn’t to have a place to stash things when company is coming, or to let it become a catch-all space for anything left on the floor. Let’s get one thing straight: shoes, socks, and clothing kicked under there don’t count as “storage.” So what works? Try one or all of these ideas:

1. Store bulky items – Under the bed is perfect for items that need to be kept rolled up. It frees up valuable closet space, or the corners of the room, when you place your yoga mats, extra area rugs, or posters/maps/artwork that are stored rolled in a tube or canister. It’s also the perfect place to store things that can lie flat, such as the leaves to your dining table and the table pads. Airtight Space BagsĀ®” can fit extra guest linens, blankets, and bedding dust-free, while freeing up much needed shelf space in the linen closet. Large pieces of artwork or portfolios also work perfectly under there.

2. Protect your archives – Place photos, mementos and souvenirs in an airtight container and slide them in this great storage spot. This is especially helpful if you don’t have a dry basement. It’s out of the way, protected from potential environmental changes in the attic or basement, and safeguarded from being jostled. This is far from climate-controlled archive storage, but it will do the trick.

3. Create a craft or hobby “station” – Try using the space under the bed as a gift wrap station. Use one bin for wrapping and tissue paper, one for gift bags, and one for everything else (bows, ribbons, tape, scissors, tags and a pen.) Just slide out the bins as needed, wrap the gift right there on the floor or on the bed and slide them back into place. Easy. Storing all of your craft projects is also a clever way to use the space. Easily accessible bins for things such as knitting, cross-stitching, and scrapbooking materials make organizing your hobbies a breeze and keeps your work-in-progress from getting crushed at the bottom of a closet.